Energy Work Sessions by Phone or Video

Helping Clients Shift Their Energy Since 2012

Holistic Approach

Healing’s Aim is Wholeness & Integration. My Work Considers the Whole Energy System – Body, Emotions, Mind, & Spirit

Grounded & Practical

Royalty in a Past Life? Great, but What Does That Have to Do With Here & Now? I’ll Help You Focus, Shift Gears, & Break Free of What’s Holding You Back.

Navigate the Bend

Work, life, relationships, business ventures, passion projects – what happens when things go sideways? Even the most resilient among us can use a little help now and then. Below are some examples of challenges clients have had:

~ Clarity ~

Seeking Greater Insight or Clarity Regarding a Current Situation

~ Healing the Past ~

Support in Healing and Finding Peace Regarding an Experience from the Past

~ Breaking the Loop ~

Getting Feedback about Patterns or Tendencies & Help to Shift Those Things in Better Directions


Gaining Spiritual Insight & Guidance to Better Navigate Life Changes

~ Caught in the Undertow ~

Getting Clear When You’re Getting Pulled Down or Feeling Lost

Give Yourself Permission

Give Yourself Permission

The Small Things in Life Are EverythingMany of my clients and acquaintances are experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and confusion.For some there is a lot of fear associated with these experiences. For others, there is a growing sense of...

What Are You Cultivating Today?

What Are You Cultivating Today?

In my last newsletter, I spoke about the power of darkness, which was really about wholeness and accepting all of yourself. Radical self-acceptance is like turning on the tap to your inner well of energy.If you ever find yourself worn out, inexplicably...

The Power of Darkness

The Power of Darkness

Attempting to live in the light will inevitably invite more darkness. Ignoring the darkness is to live in delusion. The funny thing about delusion is it requires energy outside of itself in order to survive. When you live in a delusional state, you will find yourself...

“Without birth and death, and without the perpetual transmutation of all the forms of life, the world would be static, rhythm-less, undancing, mummified.”

Alan Watts

How Does It Work?

Everything Is Energy

This includes your voice, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. In choosing to work with me, you are choosing a path of expanding your “energy awareness” on many levels.

Energy Is Neither Created nor Destroyed, It Merely Changes Form

Like water that gathers in the clouds, falls as rain, and collects into a mountain stream – your life energy is also flowing through time/space, changing forms as it goes. 

Conscious Awareness Influences How Energy Forms

Where attention goes, energy flows. This is a key aspect of the work – following the bending river of your life energy. Where has it taken you? Where are you headed? What is blocking you from flowing more freely into this world?

During a session, I read your energy, reflect that back to you, and together – we explore, dive deep, enlighten and shift the energy of any area of life that you feel is blocking you from moving forward.

After all, life is but a dream – so why not learn to dream well!