Messages, Visions, and Choices


While the way forward is up to us, it can be helpful to reflect on what has shaped our perceptions up until now. In other words, even though it may suddenly feel like we’re living in an upside-world, it may simply be that the old world of illusion is now revealing itself for what it’s always been.

Signals in the Mist

In 2017, I found myself seeing a Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner. QHHT is a unique form of hypnosis developed by Dolores Cannon that helps you connect with and receive information directly from your higher self. (Learn more).

For me personally, this presence felt more like the collective voice of my Soul Group, so I’ll refer to this as SG.

Well into the session, SG was sharing that much of what I had been experiencing at that time was a lesson in how to better see energy. Here’s a transcription of what followed:


SG: “This is a precursor – this is what we would like him to understand – he is experiencing a precursor to the great shift.

With the great shift, there will be tremendous falsehoods, there will be great volitility, there will be great drama, there will be great, mmm, strife.

But at the core of it all, there is great abundance and the abundance – we’re not talking about money, we’re talking about an abundance of consciousness.”

Questioner: “So tell us more about your perception, your understanding of this great shift”

SG: “My understanding of the great shift is that it is quite natural, it is… [pauses]….

The great shift is joyous, it is natural.

Things may be perceived as quite dramatic at times. He is not to attach to the drama.

This again is why this topic of death, of medicine, of disease and illness leading into that suffering…. these things are all up for transmutation, up for shifting.

But to do so, there will be great encounters with things that can be seen from certain perspectives as really quite terrible, but does not need to be perceived that way.

That is why Roger is having these experiences, and there are many other people having many, many similar experiences, where they are given the choice to see things from multiple perspectives – and they are able to elevate themselves to see things from a perspective that doesn’t require the suffering.”


To be honest, after that session, this all felt a little ambiguous to me, and far from reassuring. How could any major event be joyous and also “be seen … as really quite terrible”? I wasn’t sure if I would even know it if/when it happened.

Re-listening to this part of the session this morning, however, brought tingles down my spine. It was as if SG knew exactly what was coming our way. I and others I know have had visions for a long time. But the purpose has not been to frighten us, rather to help us prepare – spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

We Are All Connected

If there is one message I could fully communicate to you today, it is my complete belief, experience, and understanding of how truly connected we all are. The coronavirus is definitely highlighting one aspect of this connectedness, although in a frightening way. Yet far beyond the physical layer of life, where the physical elements of this virus travel – we are connected in much deeper ways, to one another, to our planet, and to all life on both sides of the veil.

When we operate from a place of fear, the connections we experience with this web of life are brittle and fragile. We can easily find ourselves feeling lost or isolated. When we operate from a place of love, the connections are strengthened. We find ourselves supported and embraced by life itself. What then unfolds in the physical world around us will reflect this back to us, if we are open to seeing it. If we allow it.

This is my take on what was shared with me back in 2017. We have more power over our experiences than we fully understand. Times like these are opportunities to grow, learn, love, share, and contribute to the birthing of humanity into a broader Universe of conscious awareness.

We are so very, very not alone.

Resources and Action Steps

There’s good stress and bad stress. And learned helplessness is devastating to your immune system.

I am not here to pile onto the list of things you should now be doing, or not be doing. We’re all bombarded with enough of that.

But if you are looking for positive, constructive things that you can opt to do – actions steps to better navigate, balance your energy, boost your immunity, then consider any of the following:

  • Volunteer to help others – especially those in the high-risk groups, or those experiencing any form of quarantine or isolation.
  • Learn a new self-healing technique:
    • Spring Forest Qigong — learn more here (I’m also looking to start a practice group in Chicago soon – contact me if interested.)
    • Reiki — Level 1 Reiki classes teach self-treatment
    • EFT — tapping is great for stress and anxiety
  • Join with others for small group, or large mass meditations — here’s one website helping to organize mass meditations to help fight coronavirus.
  • Work on your intuition and communication with spirit / higher self
  • Gratitude and appreciation journal — no matter what is happening around you, consciously choosing to focus on positives is very powerful, even for just short periods of time.

Reach out If You Would like Assistance

Let me know if you have questions or are looking for resources. I’m happy to share whatever I can to help you on your journey. 

Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash