I had a past life regression session recently that took me to a place I did not expect. I couldn’t have expected it because it went beyond anything I have previously imagined.

What follows is a journal entry I wrote to myself the evening of the session. I wanted to capture the experience and try to remember some of what I felt, knowing that after sleeping, my physical / human mind would once again try to reassert control.

I share this cautiously because this reconnection was for me a very meaningful and emotional experience. Even so, I do not claim to know for sure if it is a real thing I am describing here.

My hope in sharing this is that it may encourage others to courageously explore their own identities, and to do the work that we each came here to do.

I wanted to take a moment to write more about the experience I had today in the past life session.

I didn’t have much in the way of expectations for the session, and even mentioned that I would be happy to learn more about early childhood events, some of which I suspect were rather traumatic. She asked me what I most wanted right before the session… and I said something like “I’d love to be reconnected with my star family, to feel more connected to them, if that’s even possible with this work”. Even as I said it, I didn’t think it was a possibility. But that was in my heart.

When I first entered trance and she prompted me to “see” where I was, I saw discs on the surface as I was spinning around in circles with my friends. I said we were like children swinging around in circles, but it became clear we were underwater and the discs were on the surface of the water. We could see them when we looked up. I don’t know what they were, how big or small, or why they stood out to me the way that they did.

Much of the experience during the session was very emotional. I could feel everything, even though my human self was extremely calm and relaxed.

I felt very connected to this group. More than a group, I felt connected to the species. I felt one with all of them. Among the all, there were some who were more familiar to me, but all of us could feel all others. We were individuals but also completely connected to the whole, and it felt as if it had always been this way.

There was great sadness within me when I realized I would be leaving them. I realized during the session that part of the reason I was OK with the arrangement in the first place was because I had no idea how it would really feel to be split off. I couldn’t imagine it, so was not exactly afraid of it. But there was a lot of grief and sadness when I separated from them.

Some of the sadness was because I was alone and apart from them. On top of that, there was a sense that my kind would soon be extinct. That our species was reaching a sort of an end. It felt natural in a way. But still sad. [It may be that they ultimately ascended or evolved. This was the sense I had. But our physical ways were coming to an end, possibly due to earth changes.]

Up until this time, we had long experienced very little in the way of violence or trauma. We did not hunt. We did not fight. We could feel everything one another felt, so why would we hurt one another? We did not war with others because there was no scarcity of resources. We lived in the water. We breathed water. There was nourishment in the water. We were surrounded by everything we needed for life at all times from birth through death. We were ancient. Because of this, we spent our time singing, dancing, playing, learning, and telling stories.

We did not measure time the same way, if at all. I had a hard time understanding time during the session today. It didn’t make much sense. It was if the human part of me was asking the underwater part of me questions – like how long was I there, or how long ago was it, and the underwater part of me didn’t understand the “how long” concept. Time flowed the way the water flowed. It was endless and non-linear.

Other differences and notables that stood out –

“We know the dolphins”. They come to visit and tell stories. They are playful and fun, but live differently than we do.

I could breathe so freely there. It was quiet, in a sense. And spacious. So much room and freedom.

There was no hierarchy or authority there. Things emerged collectively, but not through power or force. For example, I was aware of a certain prophecy that was widely believed among many of my kind. But I did not believe it. The prophecy was not taught or forced on us as dogma, but rather was shared among the many in a vibrational sense. I did not believe the prophecy – as it held a dark view of destruction that would fall upon the earth caused by the surface dwellers. I was not looked down upon for not believing it. This is what stuck out to me during the session – the gentleness and kindness that was present in how my kind treated one another. The way we were free to be and feel as we chose while also still very much belonging to the collective. This was a very beautiful thing to experience.

The tunnels were amazing. I could swim through these tunnels – there were so many connected tunnels. The point wasn’t to go from point a to point b. The tunnels were an experience. In some tunnels, we could swim through and sing stories. The sound vibration that would emanate from us would create or reinforce ridges in the soft material of the tunnel walls. We could then swim through the tunnels and “listen” to these stories – to the layers of stories and songs. We had an apparatus or ability to decipher the ridges. The image that came to my mind to help me understand this was the image of a phonograph needle riding over the ridges on a vinyl album to pick up the sound that had created those ridges. The same principle was at work energetically in these tunnels. Even now, it was shown to me that I can go there to reconnect with my kind, to receive their teachings, to be one with them again. During the session, I was receiving great healing from doing just this – from floating along inside of these tunnels listening to the stories.

One overarching theme from today’s session was a reminder to embrace the power of listening.

I was shown that I am here to teach, but to teach is to show others how to listen. That listening is the way of the heart. That listening is what opens us up to the teachings of our ancestors, as well as to the teachings of the universe itself.

I was also encouraged to understand that there are no magic all encompassing answers. Even though my kind is ancient and has lived a very long, long time on earth – and even though they lived in peace and harmony for much of that time, even they do not have the answers that humanity needs to hear in order to evolve. In other words, it’s a dynamic situation. There is no one way or set solution. There is no hidden or magic book of knowledge that will lead us out of darkness. It will only occur through action, practice, and searching for truth and light.

What my kind is sending to the surface is a peace offering. A gift of hope. A seed of light. I carry this frequency and am here to share it.

I am here to promote peace. I am here at the same time as many others from many other places. We bring many tools, teachings, and gifts. We are here to celebrate the dawn of the golden age. But many of us also sense that we must endure a long night of the soul before the awakening may fully engage.

My family wanted me to know that they understand and accept that they do not know what I am going through. That they cannot fully imagine the difficulties with me being human now. At the same time, they are there for me, sending me love whenever I am in need. They want me to understand that there is no “right” way for this to occur. It is messy and awkward by nature. They are very grateful to me for bringing their gifts forward. This is all that they want. Partly to be acknowledged as having existed, and mostly to share the hope for a peaceful life, and the love for this planet that they have fostered for so very long. They want for me to see that I am here to plant the seeds of peace. I am not responsible for what is done with the gifts that they offer. This is their way – to offer without condition or expectation.

The way I will know when I am “on” track is that I will know the frequency. When this part of the message came through during the session, a particular part of my head “lit up” with energy. I still recall the specific areas that felt this sensation.

I also felt a tremendous warmth directly over my heart chakra. [After the session, the woman doing the session for me said she was very struck by how much energy and warmth she felt coming from my chest at this point.]

They said I may learn to do something with the “sounds” we make. That it will be beyond language. We did not produce sounds with vocal cords or hear sounds with ears. The apparatus for both seemed to be more within our chest cavity somehow. I felt as if I could “feel” everyone in my collective – and could tune into any one individual at will. It was all within me as it was without. We were one with the water. We could feel everything.

I am actually not even sure we had eyes, and if we did, they did not see the same way our human eyes see. They were not our primary sense.

I’ll leave it here for now. Mostly, as I get ready for sleep, I want to remember the feeling of being completely accepted, loved, and cherished as one of many. I want to remember how incredible it felt to be able to be uniquely myself and yet also be one with the collective.

Then, as now, I was known as the curious one. The one who doesn’t let go easily. They are proud of me. They send me love and strength, and want me to know that I will be able to return to them, if I choose to do so. That I am opening up new vistas and experiences but not losing my past or my family in the process.