We Are All Going to Die

Although death is something we will all experience, our lives are mostly void of any real conversations about it.

This coaching intensive is for anyone wanting to develop a healthier and more positive relationship with the natural cycles of both life and death.

After all, how can we fully experience life if we are attempting to live in denial of its opposite?

For whatever the reason, this has been a topic close to my heart my whole life.

While there are many ways in which the topic and experience of death has weaved in and out of my life – one of the more unusual experiences was the Living with Death and Dying class I took in college. How many 20-year-olds are seeing cadavers up close, holding a human brain in their hands, or visiting a working crematorium?

But here’s the thing — the most memorable element was the young woman in the class who never said a word the entire time – and trust me there were plenty of opportunities. That changed on the last day of class when she shared with us that her mother was dying of cancer. She took this class as a way to help her process that upcoming event.

As if the class hadn’t already humbled me rather profoundly. This moment of vulnerability shared with the group left me feeling both grateful and really quite helpless.

That helplessness stemmed from an immature sense that something needed fixing. Some three and half decades later, I have come to understand that there are many things in life that do not need to be fixed. In fact, attempts to fix some of these things often results in greater challenges.

Instead, events such as these can be experienced through an entirely different lens – one that shines a light onto the precious nature of our life stories, our relationships, and the soulful tenderness with which each of us enters and leaves this world.

This is the paradox and irony of this kind of work. When we shift our energy around the stories and ideas we have inside of us about death, we often find ourselves far more liberated and appreciative of the small things in life. Every moment of life presents a kind of sweetness that we are likely to overlook, unless or until we dissolve these layers of resistance and denial.

We cannot cover the whole distance of that journey in a coaching intensive, but we sure can get you jump started.

Fair warning though – because it is an intensive, you will:

  • be asked to dig deep and get real about your fears, past experiences, and beliefs
  • be challenged & guided to tap into your truest intuition
  • awaken & strengthen your natural creative abilities
  • have a little light-hearted fun along the way

Who’s It For?

The Death Positive Coaching Intensive is a good fit for anyone who fits one or more of the statements below.

I’m processing the transition of a loved (or a not-so-loved) one. 
I’d like to speak with someone about my fears, beliefs, and thoughts about death and dying. 
I have had unusual experiences I’d like to process, integrate, and figure out.
I have been thinking about my life story, and would like to take actions and set some goals because of this.
I don’t believe death and dying should be feared. I’d like to have a more positive relationship to these events and maybe help others in similar ways someday.

Energy Shifting Coaching Intensives Overview


3 sessions w assignments

weekly or every other week

by phone or video



client only booking calendar

free follow up call



payable after agreement

or in two installments

Your Coaching Journey


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Shifting That Energy

We’ll meet one time a week or every other week for the program duration.

Dig. Explore. Practice.

You’ll have agreed-upon exercises & assignments between sessions.


We’ll review progress & tweak our approach as we go.

Last Session?

We’ll discuss progress made & next steps for you to keep shifting your energy.

Free Follow Up Call

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Every day, you make a choice.

Wait for things to change.

Or show the Universe -

"I am taking one step forward!"