Everything is Energy

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form.

In any healthy system, energy flows freely, changing forms as it goes. Consider for a moment how water changes forms and moves throughout a vast array of living systems on our planet. Money is also a construct symbolizing stored, past or future energy. In a healthy system, money moves freely and transparently, changing forms as it goes.

Energy work is the ancient practice of focusing awareness and using consciousness in ways that transmute dark, heavy, dense energy into lighter forms.

When your energy systems allow free-flowing energy to come in, move through, and leave – changing forms naturally along the way – you will experience faster and easier healing, allowing for greater health and happiness.


My Role

I am a healer, a conduit, and an instrument. After many years of study, practice, and personal work, I have come to understand and hone my innate sensitivities. To develop and attune my instrument.

You can think of my ability as a kind of sonar. 

Sonar uses transmitted and reflected underwater sound waves to detect and locate submerged objects or measure distances. Bats and dolphins, for example, both have a natural kind of sonar. 

We live in a fluid reality, only part of which is materialized at any given moment. When I am tuned in to work with you, I sense the materialized and non-materialized parts of who you are. And I begin to instantly pick up on the flow of soul energy – and its blockages. 

During a session, we work together verbally while I also work energetically to help locate, vibrate, and assist you in the softening and transmuting of dark, dense, and stuck energies.

There is no judgment, nor even any real need for mental / analytical understanding. It’s all just energy. And your consciousness is a powerful instrument when attuned correctly.

It’s All You

A true and gifted healer steps into position – clear, empowered, humble, and fully present. A healer helps open channels of communication and energy flow for the client, then gets out of the way.

You and your soul are the true healers of you. My role is to help bridge any temporary gaps or challenges.

It’s like roadside assistance for your spiritual journey. I help get you unstuck, change a flat, or jump start your battery. Then you’re back on the go.

You do not need me, although I am honored to assist when and where I can.

There are many ways you can shift your own energy. In fact, that’s part of every session – to share specific, practical ideas with you of how you can continue to shift your energy on your own.