How We Direct the Flow of Our Consciousness Is Everything

We are free, and only we can give away the power of that flow. And yet, it is all too easy to sometimes unknowingly do just this. When we give away this power, we often get bogged down, drained, and blame it on the state of the world. If this resonates with you, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at that bogged down feeling, see the other side, and light up your world of possibilities.

Junk food and fast food are cheap and easy, and it’s everywhere. And how do we really feel after we eat it? How about after eating only that type of food for a few days? For many of us, it only serves to bog us down. How real and true is this food? And if it’s not very real, how can it nourish and energize the parts of us that are real and true?

I am seeing more and more that the same goes for what we consume in terms of information. Bad news, gossip, and drama is everywhere, and cheap and easy to “produce”. And let’s face it – just like junk food, it sells well.

How does it make us feel after we unconsciously just wake up in the morning and start consuming the stream of information fed to us? How draining is it?

It’s no more conspiracy theory to question the information we are fed than it is to look at a food label before eating what’s inside the package. And so it is neither unwise nor unreasonable to ask oneself – how real and true is this information? And if it’s not very real or true, how well can it support the growth and evolution of our real and true selves?

If we were to ask ourselves – how easy is it to think and realize that the world is suffering? Many of us would say, it’s not only easy, it’s impossible to avoid. When we see the world through that lens, how easy is it to see that the world is thriving? Alive with energy and possibilities? That what lies ahead is unknown, and ultimately up to *us*?

I grew up hearing and accepting thoughts like “history repeats itself”, and “everything that can be said has been said”. I no longer believe these to be true. Not only do I believe that history does not repeat itself, it’s impossible for it to repeat itself. Every day is unique. When I am able to see and accept that I am an ever changing being, it’s much easier to see just how dynamic and ever changing the world really is. And every single moment yields never before seen opportunities and possibilities.

The funny thing about all of this is that the more we try to believe that history repeats itself, the more likely we are to recreate patterns that resemble old patterns. This stifles growth and learning. And the less we are able to grow and learn from our past collective experiences, again – the more likely we will keep recreating the old patterns. Even so, every day is still a new day and we’re going to grow and learn either way, just at a slower pace than might otherwise be necessary.

Even if we, as a collective human family, commit the same atrocities again and again, the wounds created go deeper and deeper, and one day – we will cut to the bone and realize that when we hurt one we hurt all. That when we deprive, neglect, or ignore one of us, we are in some way – depriving, neglecting, and ignoring the potential that lies within our whole human family.

Sound heavy and dark? Uh huh. But here’s the beauty – the flip side of this equally true. When we heal one, we heal all. When one person shines his or her true light out into the world, that breaks up shadows and darkness and makes the way for others to do the same. When you find your still center, no storm can touch you, and you are no longer contributing to the pain or hurt in the world. The fog clears, and the road ahead may come into sight. And soon it becomes clear that rather than there being just one road ahead, or one solution for humanity, there are many.

Trust me when I say that I know it may not feel like an easy task to wake up anew each day and see only the possibilities and opportunities before us. And yet, what I am experiencing is that it IS easier. How can that be? It is easier because that’s the way things really are. The problems are where we’ve been. The problems aren’t where we’re going. Where we’re going is into the field of potentiality.

Are there circumstances and pain and injuries in the world from past events? Abso-freakin-lutely! And in light of those injuries, how functional and helpful is it to simply keep beating the same old drum that got us into those situations? Where will it take us to keep shouting to the world “hey everybody, the world is broken!!!!”.

Yeah, it’s broken down in some ways. Maybe it’s time to look at the things breaking down and begin to ask which of these things are worth repairing, and which of these things should be let go? What do we want to rebuild, and what are we ready to build anew? Is everyone going to agree on what to do? On what our priorities should be? Nope nope.

So What?

Where do we go from here? A few ideas come to mind…

One is – look around you and look for all the places where great things are happening. The world is full of people getting together to pray, dance, meditate, talk, and heal. There are people everywhere doing amazing things for the planet, for animals, and for people who are less fortunate than themselves. There are charities and companies and organizations coming up with all sorts of amazing ideas about ways to help the Whole planet thrive.

If you find yourself getting down and giving your energy / attention way to what’s going on in the world, perhaps consider spending at least as much energy to giving, in some way, to one of these efforts or organizations. And remember, paying attention is a form of giving too. It doesn’t have to be time or money. Give your love and support in whatever way works for you.

Even better, next time you get bogged down by a problem, look for a solution. Or part of a solution. If you don’t see one, look for an opportunity. There are no problems in the world that aren’t carrying within them the potential for a solution, and in that potential lies a world of opportunity.

It feels to me sometimes like our collective human family is like a big angry injured dog. We’re lashing out at ourselves out of fear and instinct, and licking our wounds for so long that we’re starting to like the taste of the pain. We keep wanting to blame some part of us for being the problem, and if we’re not careful, we’re gonna chew our own foot off and bleed to death.

The part of me that feels that way is probably the animalistic part of me as well. So it helps to stand back and realize I am more than that one part of me and always have a choice as to how I want to respond, as do we all. I’m choosing to move on.

The solution I see is to stop blindly buying into anything. My consciousness is valuable. Where I put my attention is valuable. I’m going to trust my intuition and my Source above all else. The world doesn’t bog me down. What I choose to consume and where I choose to put my focus is what bogs me down. And when I shift that, I light up the possibilities in front of me. A much greater flow of energy is available.

Writing this post was one way for me to go from bogged down to energized!

If you have a story to share about you moved yourself from bogged down to energized, let’s hear it!

Helping people shift and balance their energy through writing, art, and my work are other things that light up and energize my life. If you feel that my services may be of benefit to you, let’s get started!


Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash