Feeling Stuck?

You can get stuck in life due to so many different reasons.

Maybe you’re experiencing unexpected outcomes of earlier choices. Or maybe it’s just how life has unfolded for you at this moment in time. Either way, if you could use a little “roadside assistance” on your life journey — consider the benefits of this coaching intensive.

Getting unstuck is all about shifting your energy. Even if you believe your “stuckness” is due entirely to external factors beyond your control, you’ll soon discover just how powerful internal shifts in energy can be in affecting positive changes both inside and out.

Shifting energy is what my practice has been about since the start. Why is that? Because that’s how I discovered my own gifts, clarified my own goals, and how I navigate the ever changing landscape of this world of forms.

Fair warning though – because it is an intensive, you will:

  • be asked to dig deep and get real about your fears, past experiences, and beliefs
  • be challenged & guided to tap into your truest intuition
  • awaken & strengthen your natural creative abilities

Who’s It For?

The Getting Unstuck Coaching Intensive is a good fit for anyone who fits one or more of the statements below.

I want to change my life situation but don’t know where to start.
I’m in my head too much. I’m frozen by analysis paralysis.
I am not making progress towards my goals because I have too many (or too few) choices.
I am afraid to change because of the effect it will have on loved ones.
I want more out of life, but feel drained, de-energized, and generally uninspired.

Energy Shifting Coaching Intensives Overview


3 sessions w assignments

weekly or every other week

by phone or video



client only booking calendar

free follow up call



payable after agreement

or in two installments

Your Coaching Journey


Are we a good match? How can coaching help? A quick chat will help us figure that out.


Schedule a zero-pressure discovery call to learn more.

No Go?

I’ll do my best to suggest other resources & referrals. Otherwise…

Let’s Go

I’ll write up a simple coaching agreement & send it your way for review.


After agreement & payment, you’ll receive your first assessment(s), along with a link to clients-only booking calendar.

Shifting That Energy

We’ll meet one time a week or every other week for the program duration.

Dig. Explore. Practice.

You’ll have agreed-upon exercises & assignments between sessions.


We’ll review progress & tweak our approach as we go.

Last Session?

We’ll discuss progress made & next steps for you to keep shifting your energy.

Free Follow Up Call

You’ll have access to book a free follow up call a month or two after. Share your successes & challenges. Receive tips & resources to keep shifting that energy!

Every day, you make a choice.

Wait for things to change.

Or show the Universe -

"I am taking one step forward!"