The Small Things in Life Are Everything

Many of my clients and acquaintances are experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and confusion.

For some there is a lot of fear associated with these experiences. For others, there is a growing sense of obligation, like time is of the essence – although it’s not entirely clear exactly what they are supposed to be doing about it.

Add onto that the sense of chaos, polarization, and violence growing in the world around us, and it’s no wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed at times.

It can be very challenging to enjoy the small gifts that life brings your way. Gratitude and appreciation can easily fall by the wayside during such times.

And yet, now is precisely when the small things reveal themselves for their true value. Their preciousness. The beauty and simplicity they offer can be a great source of healing.

Back in March, I wrote about Rebirth & Moving Beyond Limitations. In that article, I discussed the ways in which this time we are moving through is really a time of revelation.

While the bigger things that are coming out all around us certainly grab the most headlines, it is perhaps more important than ever to focus more of your time and energy on the little things:

  • tend to each of your personal relationships
  • spend a few moments appreciating each meal before bringing it into your body
  • give gratitude to the trees and plants around you
  • quiet your mind and open yourself up to really see how animals move about and inhabit the world

There are many opportunities throughout your day to set aside the noise and chaos and focus on elements of your reality where some semblance of harmony remains.

Good Energy Nourishes Your Systems

When you choose love, gratitude, appreciation, or simple silence – you are choosing to bring “good energy” into your mind, body, and emotions. It’s like choosing a healthy meal vs fast food but on a much bigger scale.

The news of the day and your social media feeds may be a quick hit, but they are ultimately empty – and distracting you from cultivating more of what will actually help you during difficult times.

Turning things off is a powerful choice. I realize many people are uncomfortable with silence. If this is you, I encourage you to explore why that is exactly. What comes up for you when you sit in a quiet place? Or sit in nature and allow yourself to open up to the orchestra of nature?

When quiet prevails, the subtle voice of your spiritual side may become more and more audible to you. You may gain invaluable insights and direction.

If you still feel resistance, you can employ a simple but powerful trick — you can choose to give yourself permission.

Giving Yourself Permission

This as a practice that helps you overcome resistance and limiting beliefs. If this is new to you, you can even print or write out a literal permission slip. It may sound silly but don’t knock it until you try it!

You can do this anytime you feel like there is something you would like to do or experience but feel clouded, weak, or blocked. The key is to make your statement work for your situation -to make it real. You’re not really trying to trick yourself here in any way. Rather, you are choosing to activate your innate abilities and awareness.

Let’s take sitting in the quiet as an example:

“I give myself permission to turn off all devices, to tune out the inner chatter of my mind, and to focus my awareness on simply being present. I give myself permission to be right here right now.”

If you still feel resistance or worry, you can add an acceptance statement: “I accept that this might be difficult, that my mind might wander, or that it might be uncomfortable. Regardless, I give myself permission to sit quietly.”

Work with it until you find a statement that works well for you.

It could help to pick an area of life in which you are experiencing some struggle. Choose a simple but powerful practice that will help you shift your energy. Then work on a permission slip that you can use over and over until you feel you have it built into your system.

This is really an act of reprogramming yourself. In some cases, it might click immediately. In other cases, it could take some time. I suggest not worrying about how long it takes. Because either way, the result becomes a stepping stone to a better future.

To summarize, giving yourself permission is a super powerful move because:

  1. Higher self — giving yourself permission is a way of calling upon your higher self for assistance, and summoning your inner power.
  2. Authority — with this practice, you are becoming the authority in your life, shifting away from seeking permission from others for the things that matter.
  3. Choice — you are making a powerful choice, using your will to do so. It activates your third Chakra.
  4. Programming — it counteracts a previous programming. Choosing to be in your power counteracts a lifetime of choosing limiting beliefs.

Exploring Who and What You Truly Are

What happens when systems fall apart? When people let you down? When the rules change on a dime and chaos seems to rule the day?

What is revealed in this process for you, about you?

Another important aspect of the current revelatory process is what is being revealed about who and what you truly are.

Do you know what you are capable of? What your abilities are? Have you fully activated yourself?

If not, giving yourself permission is a great way to move more and more towards that place of greater understanding and acceptance.

To give you some ideas….

“I give myself permission to be a great healer. To be in my highest state of loving awareness. To be strong, clear, and compassionate.”

“I give myself permission to take great care of my heart, my energy field, no matter what is going on around me.”

“I give myself permission to become aware of any and all relevant information, to tune out distortion, and to see truth clearly.”

“I accept that there may be great strife in the world, but even so —  I give myself permission to take a break. To have fun. To laugh. To feel alive.”

Be creative, have fun, and explore.

Happy energy shifting!