Taking a Broader Perspective

What comes to mind when you read the following statement?

Taking a broader perspective will help you move through turbulent times.

If I were reading this myself for the first time, I would think it means to do more to take other people’s points of view into consideration. To consider alternative perspectives, to look at the bigger picture of what’s happening in the world. That doing so would help me focus less on my own discomforts.

And all of that may indeed be true. And yet, focusing less on your discomforts might not resolve them. Not if they are energetic or spiritual discomforts.

There is another meaning to consider:

What will help you through turbulent times is to step back into your own broader state of being, into your higher-consciousness, so that you can better see your own path through this lifetime.

In other words, tune out all of the information, misinformation, and noise – even if just for a bit – and sink deeply into your own vibration. Allow yourself to sync up with you.

The Power of Imagination

In your efforts, allow yourself to use language, emotion, and imagery that truly resonates with you. For example, consider these as possible starting points:

  • Fall back into the ocean of consciousness, merging with your full awareness.
  • Lie down deeply into the earth, feeling rooted into the Mother of all things.
  • Breathe in deeply, expanding, floating gently, becoming air itself.
  • Climb into that giant tree hidden deep in the forest, and wrap yourself in its limbs until you are one.
  • Sit by the fire in the silent desert, slowly merging with the flames, until there is nothing but you, the sand, and the night sky.

Use your unlimited imagination and power of visualization to go with your body into the elements of the Universe. Stop fighting with things. Just for a bit. Relax, recognize, and realize oneness, your oneness.

In this way you can pull your awareness back, up, out – into a place that is just a little farther away from the limitations of everyday time and space.

It is from such a place that egoic-you can tune into source-you. It is here that you can become more and more aware of who and what you are, why you came here, and what you intend and desire, from a soul level.

Magical without Magic

While this place I am describing is indeed a magical place, it doesn’t take magic to reach it. It just takes an honest intention, a little effort to turn off and tune out the distractions, and perhaps a little patience as you learn to reignite your natural ability to transport yourself through the power of your imagination.

It may not happen all at once. You may get part of the way, and snap back. That’s OK. In fact, it’s great! With practice, you’ll get closer and closer.

When you are there, you’ll know it.

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart …live in the question.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Letters to a Young Poet

Seek Not, Simply Be

A few traveling tips:

While you may set out on this journey to find answers, which I believe you will indeed retrieve, it is best to visit this place without seeking. Rather than looking for answers, practice how to be in the question.

Questions are open, unrestrictive, and free. You will experience more when you travel without the limitations of requiring answers.

Likewise, as with any sort of spiritual work, quality far outweighs quantity.

A few moments in this place is all it takes to sync up with your true self. Don’t bother with trying to understand it, as that will just slow you down. Allow your mind to figure it all out after the fact, downstream so to speak.

Get Lost in Inner Peace

Instead of looking for answers, seeking, and trying to find anything, consider getting lost in your source field. Get lost in joy, peace, and simply feeling good.

Of course, you cannot really get lost there, but it’s a fun way to help the mind overcome its ever-present desire to protect you from the unknown.

What you may discover in the end is that whatever it is that you think is getting to you back in the busy world of human activity — and yes, even during lock down – humans keep themselves quite busy in the mind — whatever is getting to you the most has less to do with what is actually happening in the world around you, and much to do with you feeling out of alignment with your purpose, with your true nature.

No amount of news, activity, busyness, food, drink, or distraction will address this imbalance.

What I am describing here is an antidote to the effects of being bombarded by all of the shoulds, commandments, fears, truths and untruths flying around. The power of the antidote lies in the activation of – and focus on – your own inner awareness. As this aspect of yourself lights up more and more, the noise from the outside world will quiet down.

Inner peace creates outer peace.

Roger Oney is a Chicago-based energy worker, artist, and technology professional. His energy balancing practice includes Spring Forest Qigong and Integrative Chakra Therapy®, along with other modalities.

Roger enjoys working with clients locally and remotely to help them materialize greater streams of wellness, abundance, and flow.