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Helping Clients Shift Their Energy Since 2012

Holistic Approach

Would You like to Experience More Integration & Flow? My Work Considers the Whole Energy System – Body, Emotions, Mind, & Spirit.

Grounded & Practical

Are Your Wheels Spinning? Feeling Stuck? I’ll Help You Focus, Shift Gears, & Break Free of What’s Holding You Back.

Coaching Intensives

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Navigate the Bend

Work, life, relationships, business ventures, passion projects – what happens when things go sideways? Even the most resilient among us can use a little help now and then. Below are some examples of challenges clients have had:

~ Clarity ~

Seeking Greater Insight or Clarity Regarding a Current Situation

~ Healing the Past ~

Support in Healing and Finding Peace Regarding an Experience from the Past

~ Breaking the Loop ~

Getting Feedback about Patterns or Tendencies & Help to Shift Those Things in Better Directions


Gaining Spiritual Insight & Guidance to Better Navigate Life Changes

~ Caught in the Undertow ~

Getting Clear When You’re Getting Pulled Down or Feeling Lost


Living Life in the Question

Living Life in the Question

Allow yourself to use language, emotion, and imagery to fall back into your greater awareness. Doing this, even for brief periods of time, may bring you greater peace and a broader perspective of the role you are here to play. Creating and stepping into the openness within means learning to live in the unknowns of life, where the real mysteries unfold.

Rebirth & Moving Beyond Limitations

Rebirth & Moving Beyond Limitations

A World in SynchAs of March 19th, we have just passed the spring equinox, earlier this year than anytime in the last 124 years.The spring and autumn equinoxes are the only two times a year that everyone on Earth experiences the Sun rising due east and setting due...

A Great Shift Is Upon Us

A Great Shift Is Upon Us

Messages, Visions, and Choices   While the way forward is up to us, it can be helpful to reflect on what has shaped our perceptions up until now. In other words, even though it may suddenly feel like we're living in an upside-world, it may simply be that the old...

“Without birth and death, and without the perpetual transmutation of all the forms of life, the world would be static, rhythm-less, undancing, mummified.”

Alan Watts