A World in Synch

As of March 19th, we have just passed the spring equinox, earlier this year than anytime in the last 124 years.

The spring and autumn equinoxes are the only two times a year that everyone on Earth experiences the Sun rising due east and setting due west.

It is a time that humanity has long recognized and celebrated as a great synchronization — a shift in seasons and the balance of light and dark. It is a time for new life to emerge, and for old life to be reborn.

It can be tricky to remember all of this for many of us that live so far removed from the cycles of life in the natural world. And now, with more and more of humanity being asked to “shelter in place”, as if a great storm is upon us all, we can become even more separated from all that the natural world has to offer us.

Limitations – Perceived & Believed

In my work and practice, the world of the supernatural is completely natural. It is inseparable from all that we are and experience. It is not a walled-off, separate thing we must strive to perceive. The only thing that gets in the way are the limitations imposed upon us by our belief systems.

This is why you will often hear me suggest that you give yourself permission. At first, this may sound a bit silly. For example, if you pay for a session with a healer, of course you are giving that person permission to help you, right? Like so many areas of life, the real answer is – it depends.

Depends on what? On your belief system and your inner/unconscious intentions. It depends on what is in your heart more than what is in your head.

The funny thing about energy work is that it will often “work” regardless. It will help. Yet it can be far more effective and apparent when you allow yourself to be healed — when you give yourself permission to actually, deeply, fully receive.

This isn’t just about my energy work. This goes for all healing, love, and support we get from any area of life. Transmission of any energy requires sending and receiving.

My experience tells me that there is an abundance of loving, life energy in the Universe. One of the amazing things about humans, some animals, and definitely with higher-dimensional beings is our ability to channel that energy and broadcast it. We can broadcast it widely, or focus it and send it directly. We do this all of the time, quite naturally, often without realizing.

Some of us also study, practice, and develop our abilities.

The study, practice, and development not only strengthens our abilities but also helps us operate more safely. It teaches us how to better filter out lower-vibrational, chaotic, incoherent energies. We can then attune ourselves to, and share higher-vibrational, more coherent energies.

For example, check out this video that shows the geometric patterns of the human voice, and imagine similar patterns emerging from coherent, peaceful feelings: Cymatics: harmonic mandalas from the human voice.


Why or how does any of this matter now, of all times?

It matters now more than ever. It is precisely during such dynamic times that coherent energy is needed to help balance out the world.

So first and foremost, this is an amazing time to witness how energy spreads. It’s not just the news, internet, social media, etc.. there are waves of energy spreading around the planet that are palpable in and of themselves. You can almost taste it, it’s that real.

It’s not your imagination.

It is one dimension of what is being revealed to us at this time. Many of us are waking up to a far greater awareness of just how truly, ineffably connected we all are. And what better time for this to sink in, anchor itself into our being than around the time of the spring equinox?

We’re hearing a lot about how to “flatten the curve” regarding the spread of the virus. There is an energetic curve also at work of how the panic and fear is spreading throughout the human family.

We are being told that the elderly and sick are at highest risk of fatality due to the virus. I would add that the emotionally, mentally and spiritually ill are also highly susceptible to the destabilizing energies of the spreading panic and fear.

Additionally, the empaths – those that help humanity feel, filter, and connect – we are also at an extremely high risk of overwhelm and depletion.

Everyone seems to be facing their own unique set of vulnerabilities.

The world we inhabited a few short months ago could hide these things. Now, much is being revealed, including our own true feelings about our human family near and far.

This is a powerful time to first witness all that is showing itself so clearly to us. None of it is truly new. It didn’t just show up and become real. The world did not suddenly become unpredictable. The illusion of control and predictability has simply faded away.

All that is revealed has been there all along. It is up to each of us to own our sense of things, to see what is presented to us.

With awareness, we can then choose how we wish to respond, instead of react.


Like many, I too have long felt that a time of rebirth is coming for us all. What has been unclear is when, what form it would take, or how quickly or prolonged it would be. Yet I do believe this is the larger story into which we have now collectively entered.

As part of this rebirthing process, I encourage you to recognize your own power as an energy being on the planet.

Notice the little things – moments of peacefulness, acts of kindness, random or unexpected feelings of strength or vitality in any area of your body, mind, or soul — and when you notice these things, broadcast them out to the world. Not on social media or even in words or actions, but with your heart.

Use the full power of your imagination, envision yourself to be like a radio tower, stretch way high into the sky and let your heart send out the message in whatever way feels natural to you – send waves of colors, sounds, images, or words.

Don’t let any limiting beliefs get in your way. Simply begin broadcasting messages out to your human family that you feel love, your lungs are clear, your neighbor was kind to you, whatever it is. Don’t overthink it or get caught up in anything conceptual. Go to your heart center, and sing out into the world.

These are messages that inject coherent energy “packages” into the network. We can all benefit from these messages.

We are wired to listen to one another in this way. Your lungs can learn from my lungs. My body can heal by using the information your body sends out. We are networked far beyond anything we can imagine right now.

If your mind tries to shut you down with thoughts like “what good is my one voice”, please know — the power of one coherent energy wave is 1,000 times stronger than one distorted, incoherent wave.

This may seem untrue, because on the purely physical level, it is not how it works. Fear and chaos are dense energies that are highly destructive on the physical plane.

Yet, in the bigger picture of things – when we see and experience the whole, materialized and non-materialized All That Is, the coherent energy waves act as portals or gateways. So one small wave generated here, from your heart — it calls out and receives massive amounts of support from the other side.

Don’t believe me on faith alone. Just try it. For a day, simply do your best to notice small, little, good feelings, and broadcast them out from your heart center, right then and there. Notice what happens.

And if you have time, let me know!

Photo by Louis Maniquet on Unsplash