The World Is Changing Rapidly – Are Your Goals Changing with It?

People are moving away from cities, buying RVs, changing careers, and generally figuring out how to adapt to and navigate the  unpredictability of these strange times.

Add onto that the ever-increasing pace of change in many industries, and you have conditions that create a lot of stress and confusion.

Even if you are able to achieve results in these conditions and meet your income goals, how often are you finding yourself drained, feeling empty, overwhelmed, or just feeling a bit lost?

Those aren’t typically feelings we associate with success and abundance. If you’re feeling like you are getting caught up and sinking into in this type of quicksand, you are not alone. Not by a longshot.

The same experiences can come along for anyone who reaches a certain level in their career – or family life for that matter. The simple truth is that as life itself changes and evolves, so too should our goals and beliefs around what success and abundance mean to us.

This coaching intensive is for anyone who is dealing with these sorts of challenges, especially if you’re seeking greater clarity and a jumpstart to creating your action plan for your future.

Bending River Energy Coaching is all about learning to go with the flow of life energy. There’s no better time to practice these skills. Likewise, there’s never been a time where it has mattered as much as it does right now.

It can help greatly to be crystal clear about your core values and priorities in life. To know your strengths and weaknesses. And to begin practicing techniques that help you blast through limiting beliefs so you can move confidently towards the goals that matter the most to you during such times of great change.

Redefining Abundance – many are beginning to question the value of a great retirement plan and fat 401k if they cannot also feel and believe that they’ll actually be emotionally and physically happy and healthy enough to make the most of those hard-earned rewards.

For some, a simpler life is calling. A life with more meaning. This can be a long journey, for sure, but you have to start someplace. 

This is all about shifting your energy so that you can detach from things that no longer matter, and clear the way forward. This is about tapping into your innate creative ability to truly imagine the future you want. The power of a clear vision will energize and inspire when you most need it.

We cannot cover the whole distance of this journey in one coaching intensive, but we sure can get you jump started.

Fair warning though – because it is an intensive, you will:

  • be asked to dig deep and get real about your fears, past experiences, and beliefs
  • be challenged & guided to tap into your truest intuition
  • awaken & strengthen your natural creative abilities
  • have a little light-hearted fun along the way

Who’s It For?

The Changing Goals Coaching Intensive is a good fit for anyone who fits one or more of the statements below.

My lifelong goals don’t make sense anymore.  
The things that really matter to me are changing. I want more time and space in my life.   
I’m just not motivated or energized by the same things anymore. What do I do about that?
My industry and / or career goals are changing because of what’s going on in the world.
I am redefining what abundance means to me – and now want to change my life to match! 

Energy Shifting Coaching Intensives Overview


3 sessions w assignments

weekly or every other week

by phone or video



client only booking calendar

free follow up call



payable after agreement

or in two installments

Your Coaching Journey


Are we a good match? How can coaching help? A quick chat will help us figure that out.


Schedule a zero-pressure discovery call to learn more.

No Go?

I’ll do my best to suggest other resources & referrals. Otherwise…

Let’s Go

I’ll write up a simple coaching agreement & send it your way for review.


After agreement & payment, you’ll receive your first assessment(s), along with a link to clients-only booking calendar.

Shifting That Energy

We’ll meet one time a week or every other week for the program duration.

Dig. Explore. Practice.

You’ll have agreed-upon exercises & assignments between sessions.


We’ll review progress & tweak our approach as we go.

Last Session?

We’ll discuss progress made & next steps for you to keep shifting your energy.

Free Follow Up Call

You’ll have access to book a free follow up call a month or two after. Share your successes & challenges. Receive tips & resources to keep shifting that energy!

Every day, you make a choice.

Wait for things to change.

Or show the Universe -

"I am taking one step forward!"