Why Serenity? Why Now?

I’ve been thinking a lot about serenity lately. Not the awesome 2005 space western movie, but the state of being serene. We all have our notion of what it means, but let’s take a look at an actual definition…

screenshot of the definition of serene

If you’re wondering how you can possibly feel serene when there’s such chaos in the world around you, consider that perhaps that’s precisely why it’s important to know how to find your way to this state of being in the first place.

Let me be clear – this is nothing like “cake in a crisis” or magical thinking. This isn’t about hiding away in a bubble, detached from the world.

Quite the opposite. It’s about knowing your way to your center, to your source, so that you know when to act in the world around you, and what actions to take that will make a difference.

How Can This Help?

Besides just helping you to feel better, being able to go to this place within yourself offers many other possibilities:

  • brings you to an expansive, allowing state of being — inviting healing & alignment
  • allows greater access to and guidance from your higher self
  • empowers you — because you expend less energy resisting
  • positions you for “right action” — making the right choices to take the right steps at the right time
  • supports bridging right and left hemispheres, encouraging holistic thinking that moves beyond limitations of duality

As you can see, being able to find moments of serenity amidst the chaos is a powerful and practical instrument for change.

Your Password to Inner Stillness

Once you know the way, you can think of the words “Serenity Now” as a password that opens the gates to your inner sanctuary. It’s like an energetic hyperlink that can help take you from the busy-ness of whatever is happening in the moment directly to that timeless place where everything is fine and as it should be.

The point isn’t to go there and get lost in a timeless dream state. Rather, you become aware of this part of your higher broader self, and learn how to access those resources. Accessing this state facilitates self-healing, yes – but it also helps you make better choices when you come back online into this time and place.

As you expand your awareness, you learn to respond vs react because you can see and experience your immediate situation from a higher perspective.

In this way, being able-to-respond effectively and consciously helps you become more response-able in the world, not just for your own life, but for those you love as well.

It may be counter intuitive and non-rational to consider how it is so that finding deep stillness within yourself can position you for more effective and efficient action, but it’s deeply true nonetheless.

Keep in mind also that oftentimes the best action is no action at all.

It’s key however to understand that there’s a very significant difference between knowing and choosing this on the one hand, and being frozen and stuck due to overwhelm on the other.

In both cases, you will take no action, but in only one of the cases will you be at peace with that choice, and with the outcome of your choice, regardless of what the outcome is.

Ok, so How Do I Get There?

Before showing you the way to serenity, first remind yourself what it truly is. Knowing it’s frequency will help guide you to it.

Serenity is the state of being serene:

  • feeling utterly calm
  • being clear and free of storms
  • shining bright and steady

So the question is — when life is busy, stressful, and difficult… when people around you are hurting, and things can feel out of control — how can you experience utter calm and allow your inner light to shine bright and steady?

To help answer the question, here’s a lighthearted simulation of a typical chat between me and higher self… which does actually tend to take place when I’m feeling like my connection is weak and my batteries are running low 🙂

screenshot of imaginary chat with higher self

The Power of Acceptance

In his book “Power vs Force”, David R Hawkins explains how Acceptance is a level of consciousness. He maps it out alongside other levels, and shares how powerful of a level acceptance really is. In fact, I believe he stated that acceptance is the gateway to self-mastery.

In my experience as an energy worker, here’s how I see it.

Not accepting things is a state of resistance. Have you ever heard the phrase “what you resist persists”? What this means is that there’s something in your energy field that you are not processing… not letting move through you.

Ignoring these sorts of things will not make them go away. Something needs to shift inside of you.

When you resist something, what you are really resisting is some part of yourself – the part of you that is triggered, awakened, or somehow being activated by the thing you are resisting.

Because of this, resistance is really a form of dis-integration, because you are not allowing yourself to be in your wholeness. When you do not accept these inner parts of yourself, you are allowing fragmentation to continue.

You may tell yourself that you are not OK with the world as it is, and that may be so. It may be “true”. But HOW you work with that energy makes all of the difference.

If you do not accept that the world is the way it is because it is too upsetting or triggering – this is a sign of resistance and dis-integration. Not saying this is good or bad, but to be aware so you can take care of first things first.

How can you be in your full integrity or act with integrity when you are not yourself in an integrated state of being?

How effective will your actions be in changing anything if this is the place you are coming from?

What’s the alternative? To see the world as it is. To first and foremost accept the world as it is. Without judgment, without having to have a story.

When you learn how to be in a state of being where you are not forcing a narrative onto the outer world, you are also learning to be in a place where you are free from the narrative of your inner world. And that’s where the magic happens!

How Will Anything Change If I Accept Things As They Are?

Understand that if you do not first accept how things are, how ALL things are, then you are not in the here and now. Being right here, right now is where all of your power is.

After that, because you are seeing a more holistic picture of how things are, you also begin to see and flow with the understanding that nothing stays the same anyway! Everything changes. The world of forms is always in motion.

The power to really change things stems from developing your understanding of where to best utilize your energies. This is the paradox, you have to step outside of time and space, even if for a moment, in order to see what you best, next move really is!

Serenity Now!

Practice, practice, practice.

Trust that in this practice, you are learning to bridge two worlds – the timeless, spiritual world with the here and now world of time and space. This is no small feat!

Practicing also means starting where you are and developing as you go.

Using whatever methods work for you to find stillness, inner calm, and an inner sky free from clouds and storms… experiment and play with ways to shine brightly into the world.

Practice associating that state of being with the passcode “Serenity Now” so that you can move into that state whenever needed. I’ve only recently been discovering the power and joy of this technique and can honestly say, it’s full of pleasant surprises!