Learning to Enjoy the Journey

Let’s get focused on finding grounded and practical ways forward. Some part of you already knows the truth.  Your inner/higher self already knows the path forward.

In our work together, we’ll dig deep and bring to light whatever is needed in order to clear the way.

Once you shift the energy of a “stuck” situation, new possibilities begin to flow into your awareness. Energy and balance are restored. Life becomes easier. Joyfulness returns.

Shift Your Energy

  • Energy Work Session by Phone
  • Explore Un/Subconscious Energies at Work & Play in Your Life
  • Re-discover Your Whole & Fully Integrated Self


Inner Journey Coaching

  • 3 Month Coaching Engagement
  • Guidance & Support for Making Sustainable Changes
  • Shift More Than Your Day ~ Evolve Your Life Path

How Does It Work?

Everything Is Energy

This includes your voice, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. In choosing to work with me, you are choosing a path of expanding your “energy awareness” on many levels.

Energy Is Neither Created nor Destroyed, It Merely Changes Form

Like water that gathers in the clouds, falls as rain, and collects into a mountain stream – your life energy is also flowing through time/space, changing forms as it goes. 

Conscious Awareness Influences How Energy Forms

Where attention goes, energy flows. This is a key aspect of the work – following the bending river of your life energy. Where has it taken you? Where are you headed? What is blocking you from flowing more freely into this world?

During a session, I read your energy, reflect that back to you, and together – we explore, dive deep, enlighten and shift the energy of any area of life that you feel is blocking you from moving forward.

After all, life is but a dream – so why not learn to dream well!

Bending River Energy Work & Coaching

Energy awareness and healing are far from new. There is nothing “new age” about listening deeply to how energy moves in the nature that surrounds us. Meditation and following inner guidance are ancient practices.

My energy work and coaching services have evolved over time based upon my training, influences, and inner guidance. My practice continues to grow in order to meet the current energies of the world and the ask coming from clients along the way.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for a Bending River Energy work: 

Custom, Integrated Approach — Your story and situation are unique to you. My approach to assisting you will be equally unique. No two sessions are the same. I tune into where you’re at when the session starts. We’ll clarify what energy or area of life you want to shift. Then we do the work.

Confidentiality — Having worked in the behavioral health field, I am well versed and a big believer in the importance of client confidentiality. Anything that comes up in a session is always held in the strictest of confidence.

Boundaries — Healthy energetic boundaries are important for your well being, especially the Heart Chakra. Not only is establishing and honoring boundaries a part of my everyday practice – it often comes up as an area for improvement for clients as well. Where do your challenges, needs, desires begin and end? How can you heal if/when others you love may not seem ready to grow themselves? This kind of clarity and awareness can be a game changer.


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“Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.”

~ Nikola Tesla