The Importance of Questioning Old Beliefs

From the start, it has seemed to me that much of my work is a way of supporting clients as they “let go of that which no longer serves them”. This idea has been with me for so long and for so many reasons, I have just been giving it a free pass to ride along indefinitely.

It’s time to question.


Not all at once. But as we go, it’s good and healthy to revisit our ideas and beliefs. After all, what we choose to believe – about ourselves and the world around us – has a direct effect on what we experience. Some go so far as to say it literally (co)creates the experiences we have.

One belief that I’d like to explore here is the idea of Letting Go.


Do you even know what it is you are trying to let go of?

If you don’t have a clear awareness of what it is, how or why you attached to it – or allowed it to attach to you, it’s going to be very frustrating to try to figure out how to let go of it. You may instead find yourself putting out these fuzzy generalized intentions of “let go of whatever is holding me back”.

OK. Perhaps the Angels will know enough and swoop in to take it away for you. Or perhaps they require cleared instructions so as not to overstep the whole free will thing.

I’m looking for more than a perhaps at this stage of my life.

Fundamentally, what is likely occurring is that you have given away some of your power and essence to whatever IT is that you would like to let go of, whether it’s a person, event, or a story. It’s actually almost always a story of some kind, even when we think it’s an event or person. And the funny thing about giving our power away is that it will keep coming back one way or another. When we claim it and work with it, this can feel beneficial to us. When we keep telling it to go away, we will likely experience it’s negative or inverse.

Think about the implications of this. If it’s too much to take in all at once, go the “what if” route.

The Shadow Side of Power


This goes way beyond simply asking “how does this serve me”. Asking that is sort of like saying “ok, this stinks, but I guess I am supposed to learn something here, so I’m open to what that might be”.

No, this goes right to the heart of the matter. It asks the question “WHO are you?” And with it, what did you come here to do? What do you stand for? What are you willing to fight for?

The longer I work with energy, the more it is shown to me that we all have our own energy field to work with – and whether or not we know it or “own” it, it is ours to experience and work with throughout life. Sounds simple so far, right?

When we get IT into alignment with Source, that’s when the magic happens. When we slice it and dice it, and try to hand it off to this or that idea, or give it away to this or that person to do with it as they like, we inevitably experience suffering.

The key point here is that one of the reasons that Letting Go does not work is because we are trying to DO a state of BEing. Our power keeps coming back to be integrated into who we are. This is being whole. Being you. When we keep seeking techniques, tricks, and hacks to figure out how to let go – that’s a doing. It’s seeking a means to an end, but the end is something we’re fundamentally resisting at some level. This is why we can get so incredibly frustrated, and demoralized along the way.

It can feel like we’re trying to find our way out of a hall of mirrors.

You Did It Now


Yes, I am overgeneralizing. It’s OK. Someone getting this message needs to hear it. Or maybe it’s “just me” that needs to get it. Either way, we’re all in this together whether we know it or not.

So many energetic imbalances and spiritual difficulties stem from a core dis-integration of our own inner power and light.

So how’s this for a powerful reframe: consider the possibility that you did it for a reason. Maybe you were trying to learn something at a soul level. Maybe you were protecting parts of yourself by cutting off other parts of yourself energetically – temporarily. Consider that it could have even been a game you played in partnership with one or more other spirits to role play and dance with different possibilities and potentialities.

Allow for the possibility that you did it – for a good and powerful reason. And in the great forgetting of life, we lose track of such things. That’s OK.

The key then, is simply to awaken to Who and What you are.

What if you don’t have to Let Go of ANYTHING. In the Oneness, it’s all there anyway.

What if all that you are really wanting is simply to be more attuned to the Wholeness that you already are? To have a broader radio dial with more presets? To allow more of that wholeness to come into and work through your life? To have more mastery over the process? And best of all, to have a whole lot more fun in the process?

This Is Your Soul Impulse

It’s not mental. It’s not in your head. It’s not a to do. It is there, always. It is the heartbeat of your path across lifetimes. Your Soul Impulse is supporting every move, dream, vision, inspiration, and joy. It helps sweep away the sorrow and grief, when you allow it to do so. And it guides you ever forward.

So next time you feel stuck trying to “let go” of something, consider rethinking and reframing the whole challenge. You may see that you’ve been through a unique twist and turn in life, and with some deep listening to and for the whispering of your own soul, you’ll inevitably and invariably be back on track moving ahead again, when the time is right. And in the process, whatever it was that you were trying to let go of, it’ll be moving more and more into the distant horizon behind you, holding none of your power back.

This is a question of focus, faith, and trust. Focusing on what you want to let go of simply feeds it. Focusing on your own Soul gives it more room to grow within and guide you.


Recognizing your hand in all of this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to overcome the challenges by yourself and go it alone. There are many who can and will help. You could work with one or more healers, readers, therapists, or coaches to name just a few. The key is for you to be discerning about the alignment and the quality of the match. How does it feel? Does the person help you tune into your true self, or distract you with their own ideas and energies? Does the person empower you? Or somehow leverage you for their own empowerment? This isn’t about casting judgment on anyone. It simply about discerning what is right and just for you on your journey to greater awareness. And it’s about building your own intuitive muscles as you go.