You hold the tension between the seen and unseen worlds of consciousness. Learn how heartful awareness heals and assists on the journey towards self realization.

Bridging Worlds

In many ways, you are each holding the tension between worlds. Between the unseen and seen. Between who you are in your soul’s essence and who you are as you manifest through a series of overlapping roles in this 3D world. Between the world you envision with your inner eye and the world you actually perceive swirling around you.

With one foot in each “place”, you are faced with an endless array of choices about which world to affirm, experience, and focus upon.

One world seems to operate with abundance, connection, and unity. In that world, you are supported, nourished, and strong. In the other world, you experience yourselves as separate, alone, and facing a life long journey of “not-enoughs”: not enough time, money, health, love, or support.

The simultaneous sensation of both worlds is, at its crux, an experience of contrast.

Contrast Is Revelatory

One definition of Contrast is the “degree of difference between the lightest and darkest parts of a picture”.

When you are sensing both worlds and feel the tension that exists between them, you are feeling the difference between the ligher and darker aspects of the All That Is.

In other words, both worlds exist, and here you are with one foot in each world. The contrast between the two is revelatory in nature. It reveals aspects of each side, along with aspects of your inner nature.

Contrast offers up a tremendous abundance of opportunities to make choices! This exercise of free will, in turn, brings you into greater or lesser alignment with your higher self, or your true nature.

Every interaction with another, for example, grants you the opportunity to practice. Practice what? Setting boundaries, being guided by compassion, seeing others as they truly are vs how they present themselves. The list goes on and on. Every encounter is a gift, and every step forward in life is a chance to step more and more into your own power and light.

The Power and Light of Heartful Awareness

This power and light is your consciousness. It is you in your essence. It is your energy field. It “lives” here and there simultaneously. What varies is your attention and focus, which affects how this energy flows into time and space.

My explorations in consciousness return me time and time again to my roots in healing work. With each return, I am less and less “in my head” and more and more “in my heart”.

I see the heart as a transceiver of multidimensional information. That is to say, it simultaneously sends and receives structured energy across dimensions. Compared to the physical mind, the heart is less programmable, more aware, and sees the whole picture across worlds. The heart is a bridge that connects, and at the same time, protects.

A healthy and strong heart is also a great healer. This may seem ironic, given our cultural tendency to see the heart itself as weak or vulnerable. This is a skewed view, like looking at a tree torn out from a storm and saying “trees are weak”. Yes, an injured heart is weakened and vulnerable. And yet, a healed or healing heart is a powerful asset on the journey of self-realization.

While consciousness flows through all of who and what you are, when it flows through your heart, it is flowing through the center of your being, connecting you to life in all directions. When operating from heart-space, you are in the meeting place of higher and lower frequencies — bridging worlds, seeking harmony, and bringing balance.

Balance creates space for presence. Presence is the gateway for awareness.

When you zoom out, and pull your awareness back to your Source, you are restoring yourself (i.e. your consciousness) to wholeness. This is not a retreat back into some prior form or format. This is an awakening of Source within oneself, which then seeks to be expressed more fully in the world.

This is in many ways what healing is all about. It’s about integration, wholeness, and allowing the realization of your divine blueprint.

Putting It All Together

So how does one go about realizing the divine blueprint? What does it look like in terms of actions in the “real” world? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

> Clarify your purpose in life.

> Discover, embrace, and choose to embody your core values.

> Be open.

> Protect yourself by developing strong boundaries. Then reinforce those boundaries daily.

> Ground yourself. Every day. All day.

> Practice radical self-acceptance. Love yourself unconditionally. This opens you up to being far more compassionate towards others at the same time.

> Relax.

> Connect with your source, whoever or whatever that is to you!

Healed or Healing Heart?

I work with heart-centered people who are committed to more fully expressing and embodying their life purpose. Does that describe you?