In my last newsletter, I spoke about the power of darkness, which was really about wholeness and accepting all of yourself. Radical self-acceptance is like turning on the tap to your inner well of energy.

If you ever find yourself worn out, inexplicably drained, or feeling like you’ve been running in circles – ask yourself: what are you resisting?

Resisting anything outside of yourself is a sure sign that you’re also resisting something inside of yourself. Resisting parts of yourself is how you fracture your awareness, splinter your intuition, and lose your power to grow and cultivate more of what you want in your life.

If being drained is a sign of resistance, what’s the way out?

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Think for a moment of your Chi or life energy as a stream of water. The stream may emanate from an infinite ocean of life energy, and yet – at any given time, you have your own flow that you get to direct.

What are you directing your life energy, awareness, and attention towards?

Are you spending more of your time and energy throughout the day in a creative and generative state of consciousness? Or in a defensive stance, coming from a place of fear, worry, or judgment?

Do you find yourself more focused on growing and evolving in your own life or wanting to change the behaviors or thoughts of others?

Trust me, I get it. There’s a terribly long list of injustices in the world today. Add onto that all of the historical injustices we aware of, and it can be overwhelming. Truly overwhelming.

But what good are you to the world if you are overwhelmed? What good are you to your loved ones, pets, or even your houseplants if you yourself are not vital and strong?

The Power of Choice

If you find yourself waking up to the day seeing things in black and white, feeling like you have to battle the wrongs of the world, the key is to recognize it as early as possible. It might be tempting to think “this is just another day in the grind of life”, but the truth is – each and every day starts with a fresh opportunity to reset your perspective.

Realize that you always have the power to choose what you will focus on. To get the focus-engine going, here’s a wonderful and empowering question to ask yourself — What Do I Want to Consciously Cultivate In My Life Today?

Consider the definition of the word cultivate from Mirriam-Webster:

1: to prepare or prepare and use for the raising of crops
2 a: to foster the growth of
   c: to improve by labor, care, or study
3: FURTHER, ENCOURAGE cultivate the arts
4: to seek the society of : make friends with

To cultivate is to put your energy and effort into growing and supporting some area of yourself, your life, or in the life of someone else. To consciously cultivate is to be completely present while doing these things. It is to grow and area of your life with awareness, gratitude, and appreciation.

What you choose to cultivate might literally be plants. That would be wonderful. Consider also how you can foster growth in your friendships, or develop yourself in a particular area of study.

Maybe you’d like to help someone else develop and grow. Who do you know that’s maybe going through a hard time? Who can you call today to offer some encouragement? Not out of duty or obligation or guilt, but from a place of joy and presence. From a place of appreciation. 

If you have an idea in your mind that you don’t know how to offer encouragement – that’s just more fear popping in. All you have to do is listen. Quite often, that’s all the encouragement someone needs. Listening without judgment is a lost art it seems. It’s not a doing, it’s being – being with someone during times of difficulty.

The point here is that just for today, give yourself permission to set aside any and all perceived wrong-doings, whether those wrong be “out there” in society, or much closer to home in your neighborhood, your family life, circle of friends, or yourself. More than just wrong-doings, set aside all of the ideas that you are carrying around inside of yourself about how others should be different than they are.

This doesn’t mean that you are condoning them or that you are choosing to ignore their existence. To set them aside means you are choosing, just for today, to not give them your energy.

Think of it as a temporary cease fire if that helps. A respite. Instead of focusing your attention on perceived wrong doings of others, focus instead on some area of yourself or your life that you will cultivate something beautiful.

Simply setting this intention at the outset of your day can have a tremendously powerful affect on where your attention goes throughout the day. All of a sudden, instead of being on alert for what’s going wrong in distant places or with people you don’t even know all that well — you will begin to bring your awareness in closer to home, where it can have a far greater influence.

It also influences your brain chemistry and all of the energy channels in your body. Let your guard down a little. Allow yourself to breathe more freely. 

Change Your Focus to Change Your Feelings

Emotions are energy-in-motion. Let them flow.

If you are not liking how you feel, one natural response is to resist those feelings. But therein lies the trap. Resistance is engagement. Engagement is attachment.

The easiest way to change the way you feel is to change your focus. When you wake up asking yourself what you want to cultivate today – you are paying attention to areas of your life that are in need of care.

Why not just talk about it as self-care?

Because your mind is adept at intercepting these concepts and would prefer to deflect that with a long list of thing you already do to take care of yourself. Those sound more like obligations. That’s the opposite of what I am suggesting.

Why does the analytical / physical mind intercept and deflect? It’s because a part of your brain is always on alert and in a state of vigilance – especially during troubling times. It’s all too often in a defensive state. Fight or flight.

This is also why social media is such a slippery slope. For example, you may start off in a creative mood, thinking to yourself “I’ll go on Facebook to get ideas of for new plants for my home”, and next thing you know you’re pulled into someone’s polarizing post.

If you keep your focus on what you want to cultivate, you can keep bringing your energy back to the creative, generative side of things. What do you want to create more of in your life? Polarization? Fear? Worry? Probably not.

When you begin looking for ways to grow and evolve an area of your life, or offer encouragement to someone else, everything else will shift inside of you in wonderful ways.

This is how you direct that stream of life energy in ways that open your energy channels, allowing more energy to move through you.

What difference does it make?

The shift we’re talking about here is really a shift from destructive to generative. From defensive to expansive. From “fight or flight” to evolve and grow.

In other words, it breaks the old paradigms and dreams in the new.

It would be easy to look at the news and think to yourself “there’s no way out of this”. I feel that way myself sometimes.

Yet, when I tune in to spirit, I hear the message loud and clear – all that we need to do is dream into the new world that is emerging.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy, or that there won’t be difficulties ahead. It’s not a promise for anything specific, but rather a showing of the way, a way forward.

The more that gets revealed about the world we’ve been living in, forward is sounding way better than trying to go back.

What difference does it make? All the difference in the world!