Yes indeed, men actually do sign up for energy work sessions. Not that gender has anything to do with it.

However, after a few people pointed out that all of the testimonials on my site seemed to be from women, I thought it might be helpful to start sharing more of the feedback that is provided.

The following was kindly shared with me after a recent distance energy balancing session:


Thank you so much for your reading. It was incredibly accurate. I did a self assessment a few days before you did your assessment, and found the two assessments to be very much in alignment. Receiving your assessment really helped shed some additional light on things.

I loved getting the recording. If anything I wished it had been longer. You also have a perfect voice for recordings — it was very soothing and nurturing, but also very strong. It really feels like you have stepped into this fully and claimed your true power, so it was awesome to see and experience.

Thank you very much; this was great.


Every Session Is Unique

It’s important to share these stories. Not as a way to highlight *my* abilities, but more so as a way to highlight *our* abilities. This work is made possible through the combined openness of all involved. And each and every session shines a brighter light on who we are as multidimensional beings.

At the same time, it’s always good to note that each of us is at a different place in life, and each session is unique. While my hope is that sharing testimonials can help us open our minds to the possibilities, it’s just as important to be even more open to what is possible  – and to allow and accept that which is there for you.